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Journal Editorial Board

The BSCES Journal Editorial board supports the publication of the online journal, Civil Engineering Practice. The journal is a practice-oriented publication which seeks to capture the spirit and· substance of contemporary civil engineering practice through articles that emphasize techniques now being applied successfully in the analysis, justification, design, construction, operation and maintenance of civil engineering works. Views and opinions expressed in Civil Engineering Practice do not necessarily represent those of the Society.

Civil Engineering Practice welcomes and invites the sub­mission of unsolicited papers as well as discussion of, and comments on, previously published articles. Please address all correspondence to the attention of the Editor-in-Chief . 

Editorial Team:

Dr. Gautham Das, Editor-in-Chief, Journal.Board@BSCES.org

Dr. Bruce Jacobs, Gradient

Dr. Ali Touran, Professor, Northeastern University 

Dr. David Westerling, Associate Professor Retired Merrimack College

Dr.TzuYang Yu, Associate Professor UMass Lowell

Melissa Restrepo, Transportation Engineer, Howard Stein Hudson

Dr. Tugba Arsava, Associate Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Michael Sullivan, Senior Project Engineer, CHA Consulting 

Dr. Edward Haduk, Associate Professor, UMass Lowell

Brian Brenner, Principal Engineer, Tighe Bond


Karen Kelly, CDM Smith

Dr. Payam Bakshi, Associate Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Dr. John Cribbs, Assistant Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Prof. James Lambrechts, Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Dr. Nakisa Alborz, President, Albadas. Inc

William Lyons , President, Fort Hill Companies

Reed Brockman, Associate Vice President, AECOM

Rich Keenan, Association Manager, TECET

Dr. Afshin Pourmokhtarian, Assistant Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology 

Kathryn Swanson, Engineer, CDM Smith


The Boston Society of Civil Engineers is proud to be a member Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Founded in 1852, the ASCE represents more than 140,000 members of the civil engineering profession worldwide, and is America’s oldest national engineering society. ASCE’s vision is to position engineers as global leaders building a better quality of life. Its mission is to provide essential value to our members, their careers, our partners and the public by developing leadership, advancing technology, advocating lifelong learning, and promoting the profession

The BSCES Journal Editorial board supports the publication of the online journal, Civil Engineering Practice. The board consists of BSCES members representing the Society’s different technical divisions. The journal is a practice-oriented publication but also seeks a strong representation from among local colleges and universities.

General Guidelines for Editorial Board members

  • Editors should hold the responsibility for the whole Journal content
  • Contribute to Journal development and management through generous relationship with other board members
  • Update reviewers and authors with new policies and guidelines
  • Ensure steady communication with the editorial office
  • Assure the integrity in the published work
  • Editors should ensure the protection of individual data and maintain confidentiality
  • Every Editorial Board member should ensure submission of at least one manuscript in a year
  • Ensure constructive, fair and timely feedback to the authors for their contribution
  • Elevate Journal’s reputation among their affiliated academic community
  • Represent and promote the journal at academic meetings and conferences


The Journal Editorial Board meets quarterly in order to pursue the creation and maintenance of Civil Engineering Practice. To achieve these goals, the committee is charged with the following tasks:

  • actively soliciting and acquiring technical papers;
  • coordinating peer reviews of the technical content of each paper;
  • planning and implementing the expansion of content forms to include synopsis and speaker handouts from technical presentations;
  • evaluating how the journal is delivered to membership and eventually to subscribers;
  • determining the mechanics and policies for the cataloging and indexing of technical content archives and its access;
  • determining how to solicit advertising for the new journal in a manner that does not conflict with the sponsorship and advertising done now by BSCES as a whole and the BSCES newsletter;
  • attending quarterly meetings of the editorial board.

To get involved with the Journal Editorial Board, please contact the Editor in Chief.

BSCES Journal Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Gautham P Das, PE
Boston Society of Civil Engineers
One Walnut Street
Boston, MA, 02108-3616