Volume 23, Number 1 Spring/ Summer 2008

Editorial – A Change of Guard Ali Touran An Innovative Rehabilitation Project at the Cobble Mountain Dam Outlet Works Neill J. Hampton and James Constantino An innovative plugging system provided cost savings and reduced risk on a rehabilitationproject for a diversion tunnel high-pressure outlet works facility for a city¬†water supply system Managing Human Error in […]

Volume 20, Number 2 Fall/Winter 2005

The Role of Soil Structure Interaction for Geotechnical & Structural Engineers Lymon C. Reese Replacement of the Cranston Viaducts Using Spliced Bulb-Tee Girder Technology Firooz Panah and H. Raymond Palmer Modeling the Effects of Soil-Structure Interaction on a Tall Building Bearing on a Mat Foundation Lewis Edgers, Masoud Sanayei, and Joseph L. Alonge Enjoying the […]

Volume 20, Number 1 Spring/Summer 2005

Using Custom Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis Maps Based on U.S. Geological Survey National Seismic Hazard Mapping Procedures Richard J. Driscoll and Laurie G. Baise Suspension Bridges of New England David Lattanzi and Derek Barnes Designing & Building the Sagadahoc Bridge Between Bath & Woolwich, Maine George R. Poirier, Bruce VanNote, R. Kent Montgomery, William J. […]