Volume 22, Number 2 Fall/Winter 2007

Ultrasonic Inspection of Waterfront Timber Structures: An Economic Advantage to the Marine Facility Owner Craig R. Morin, Scott Christie, and Kurt Fehr Ultrasonic inspection is a viable alternative to traditional means of inspecting underwater wooden structures, which can be misleading and which can result in greater repair and maintenance costs. In-Situ Testing for Site Characterization […]

Volume 22, Number 1 Spring/ Summer 2007

Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential at a Silt Site in Providence, Rhode Island A.S. Bradshaw, R.A. Green, and C.D.P. Baxter Given the fact that liquefaction potential depends on specific site conditions, it is necessary to perform such evaluations for any given project subject to risk of liquefaction. Trajan’s Bridge: The World’s First Long-Span Wooden Bridge Francis […]

Volume 21, Number 2 Fall/Winter 2006

The Rehabilitation & Modernization of Fitting Out Pier 2 at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Cheryl W. Coviello A well-thought-out plan for inspection and repair, integrated with occasional reexamination of design needs, can sometimes obviate the need for replacement. Learning from Failures Norbert Delatte It is imperative that engineers not only learn about the history of failures […]

Volume 20, Number 2 Fall/Winter 2005

The Role of Soil Structure Interaction for Geotechnical & Structural Engineers Lymon C. Reese Replacement of the Cranston Viaducts Using Spliced Bulb-Tee Girder Technology Firooz Panah and H. Raymond Palmer Modeling the Effects of Soil-Structure Interaction on a Tall Building Bearing on a Mat Foundation Lewis Edgers, Masoud Sanayei, and Joseph L. Alonge Enjoying the […]

Volume 20, Number 1 Spring/Summer 2005

Using Custom Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis Maps Based on U.S. Geological Survey National Seismic Hazard Mapping Procedures Richard J. Driscoll and Laurie G. Baise Suspension Bridges of New England David Lattanzi and Derek Barnes Designing & Building the Sagadahoc Bridge Between Bath & Woolwich, Maine George R. Poirier, Bruce VanNote, R. Kent Montgomery, William J. […]

Volume 19, Number 2 – Fall/Winter 2004

Making Great Engineers Ali Touran The Trussed Tube John Hancock Center Yasmin Sabina Khan This excerpt from a biography of the noted structural engineer, Fazlur Khan, tells the story of one of his most famous accomplishments. Pipe Jacking Forces in Soft Ground Construction During Utility Installation Related to Central Artery/Tunnel Project Construction John M. Pecora, III and Thomas C. […]

Volume 19, Number 1 – Spring/Summer 2004

The Restoration of Covered Bridges Phillip C. Pierce An Evaluation of Recycled Tire Shreds as a Substitute for Gravel in Residential Soil Absorption Systems Sukalyan Sengupta and Heather Miller The Development of a New Cost-Risk Estimating Process for Transportation Infrastructure Projects John Reilly, Michael McBride, Dwight Sangrey, Douglas MacDonald and Jennifer Brown The Lonely Lane […]

Volume 18, Number 2 – Fall/Winter 2003

Effects of Increased Wind Loads on Tall Buildings Masoud Sanayei, Lewis Edgers, Joseph Alonge and Paul Kirshen Management & Control of Diffuse Urban Snowmelt Pollution Vladimir Novotny, Daniel W. Smith, and David A. Kuemmel Central Corridor Highway Planning in Boston, 1900-1950: The Long Road to the Old Central Artery Yanni Tsipis A Landmark Cable-Stayed Bridge […]

Volume 18, Number 1 – Spring/Summer 2003

Finite Element Analysis of the Combined Effects for Adjoining Braced Excavations Bashar Altabba and Andrew J. Whittle Heathrow Express Cofferdam: Innovation & Delivery Through the Single-Team Approach – Part 1: Design & Construction Alan J. Powderham Heathrow Express Cofferdam: Innovation & Delivery Through the Single-Team Approach – Part 2: Management Chris Rust D’eye Replacement of […]