Volume 47, Number 2 – April 1960

Volume 47

Issue 2

In This Issue

Problems of Boston, the Central City of a Metropolitan Area – Address of Retiring President

Edward C. Keane

Engineering Experiences in Belgium and France

Paul S. Crandall

Construction of a 500-Ton Railway Dock at Nieuport, Belgium

Kenneth M. Childs, Jr.

Copper and Brass Tube Mill Wastes Treatment

John S. Bethel, Jr., Clair N. Sawyer and Charles Y. Hitchcock, Jr.

The Connecticut River – Its Development and its Versatility

Louis D. Pierce

Transmission Coefficient for Ground Vibration Due to Blasting

F.J. Crandell

Response of an Elastic Structure to Blast-Type Loading

E.T. Selig

Memorial: Robert W. Moir 1903-1959

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