Volume 19, Number 2 – Fall/Winter 2004

Volume 19

Issue 2

In This Issue

Yasmin Sabina Khan

This excerpt from a biography of the noted structural engineer, Fazlur Khan, tells the story of one of his most famous accomplishments.

John M. Pecora, III and Thomas C. Sheahan

Based on an analysis of certain case studies and the application of theoretical models, it may be possible to accurately predict jacking forces in different soils.

Charles C. Ladd

Adequate preparation and an in-depth understanding of the role of the expert witness in legal proceedings are key to presenting an effective case in court.

Thomas C. Sheahan

Demands on the education system need to be made with an understanding of the impacts of changes and the institutional constraints under which it is operating.

Brian Brenner

Any engineer knows that the key to the universe is discovering the cause for an effect (and vice versa). To what lengths do we go to discern them?

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