Volume 21, Number 2 Fall/Winter 2006

Volume 21

Issue 2

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Cheryl W. Coviello

A well-thought-out plan for inspection and repair, integrated with occasional reexamination of design needs, can sometimes obviate the need for replacement.

Norbert Delatte

It is imperative that engineers not only learn about the history of failures but also their contexts as well as their repercussions

Assem Elsayed

A well planned program of in-situ testing can lead to greater certainty of belowground conditions.

Anni H. Autio

An innovative series of three short plays brings to life the problems and benefits of creating and implementing mentoring relationships.

Jeff Parenti

Oftentimes the first step to building a sound mentoring relationship is being open to the idea and to be willing to undertake new practices.

Brian Brenner

Accidents can always unravel the best-made plans, and it’s impossible to conceive of every kind of accident.

A tribute to a long-time member of the Civil Engineering Practice Editorial Board

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