Volume 22, Number 2 Fall/Winter 2007

Volume 22

Issue 2

In This Issue

Craig R. Morin, Scott Christie, and Kurt Fehr

Ultrasonic inspection is a viable alternative to traditional means of inspecting underwater wooden structures, which can be misleading and which can result in greater repair and maintenance costs.

Heather J. Miller, Edward L. Hajduk, Kevin P. Stetson, Jean Benoit, and Peter J. Connors

Cone penetration testing, as well as dilatometer and instrumented dilatometer testing, are useful tools for quality assurance and control on in-situ densification projects.

Brian L. Busch and Michael P. Culmo

Assembling a bridge super-structure off-site and shipping it by barge can result in significant time and cost savings.

Brian Brenner

Spreading the word about best practices and projects as widely as possible ensures that these practices and projects will be emulated, and that even the envelope will be pushed.

Brian Brenner

They say all roads invariably lead to Rome (and not necessarily to MIT) but can all roads lead to a capable, qualified engineer?

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