Volume 23, Number 2 Fall/ Winter 2008

Volume 23

Issue 2

In This Issue

John Kaplin and Geoffrey Hughes

An ambitious project overcame a rocky start and used innovative practices to meet significant construction challenges

Jessica Rinner and Susan Pryputniewicz

The use of zoom technology provides a less expensive and less time-consuming means to inspect sewer pipeline infrastructure.

A.J. Cardini and John T. DeWolf

Using strain gages attached directly to the steel girders provides for a long-term monitoring system with minimal maintenance that can be readily applied to gain important information on the quantity. and weights of trucks crossing a highway bridge.

Windsor Sung

This equation w.as used to guide the chemical additions needed to balance lead and disinfection by-product formation concerns, and also served as a point of discussion
with regulatory agencies on setting optimum water quality parameters.

Brian Brenner

What happens when an elegant and awe-inspiring structure is put to a use that its designers never rationally planned for?

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