Volume 26, Number 3 – July 1939

Volume 26

Issue 3

In This Issue

Continuous Frame Analysis of Flat Slabs

Denn Peabody

The Cost of Collection and Incineration of Refuse at New Bedford, Mass.

A.M. Thresher

Mechanical Equipment for Refuse Incinerators

Charles E. Greene

Recent Developments in Trade Waste Treatment Methods

Edward W. Moore

Boston Society of Civil Engineers Scholarship Awarded in Memory of Desmond FitzGerald
Joint Excursion to 18-Mile Metropolitan Pressure Aqueduct and Plant for Manufacture of Lock Joint Concrete Pipe
Is Membership in Boston Society of Civil Engineers Worth While? Observations of a Member after 20 Years
25th Anniversary of Fay, Spofford & Thorndike
Proceedings of the Society
Book Review

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