Volume 35, Number 4 – October 1948

Volume 35

Issue 4

In This Issue

Vertical Easement Curves

Charles O. Baird

Frequency of Minor Floods

Harold A. Thomas Jr.

Structural Sandwich Materials

Harold A. Thomas Jr.

Design and Proper Care of Engineering and Surveying Instruments

Louis H. Berger

Master Highway Plan for Metropolitan Boston

Joseph K. Knoerle

Memorial: C. Frank Allen, 1851-1948

Lewis E. Moore

Sanitary Section Inspection Trip to Lawrence, Mass.

Kenneth F. Knowlton

Data on Flow Tests on Mokelumne Aqueduct

Edwin B. Cobb

Review of Principles of Industrial Process Control By Donald P. Eckman

Allen J. Burdoin

John R. Freeman Fund Scholarship Awards
Proceedings of the Society

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