Volume 42, Number 1 – January 1955

Volume 42

Issue 1

In This Issue

High-Rate Sludge Digestion

Clair N. Sawyer and Harold E. Schmidt

Background and Highlights of the Interim Report of the Committee on Evaluation of Engineering Education

Harold L. Hazen

The Humanistic Social Content of Engineering Curricula

William C. White

Synthesis in the Education of the Engineer during Early Training Rather than Later or Not at All

John B. Wilbur

Thoughts on an Engineering Education

Oscar S. Bray

Determination of Incipient Roof Failures in Rock Tunnels by Microseismic Detection

F.J. Crandall

Problems of a Metropolitan District System of Refuse Disposal Incinerators

C.A. Turner

Information Wanted
Proceedings of the Society

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