Volume 17, Number 2 – Fall/Winter 2002

Editorial – A Tradition of Excellence Ali Touran Seismic Response Analysis of Cobble Mountain Reservoir Dam Alfredo Urzua, John T. Christian, William H. Hover, Ivan A. Hee and Stanley M. Bemben Effective Facilities Planning Ensured an Effective Boston Harbor Cleanup Richard D. Fox, William F. Callahan, and Walter G. Armstrong Pioneers in Soil Mechanics: The […]

Volume 17, No. 1 – Spring/Summer 2002

Drinking Water Quality & Point-of-Use Treatment Studies in Nepal Andy Bittner, Amer M.A. Khayyat, Kim Luu, Benoit Maag, Susan E. Murcott, Patricia M. Pinto, Junko Sagara, and Andrea Wolfe Innovative Wastewater Treatment in the Developing World Michael R. Bourke, Donald R.F. Harleman, Heidi Li, Susan E. Murcott, Gautam Narasimhan, and Irene W. Yu Practical Information […]

Volume 16, Number 2 – Fall/Winter 2001

Observational Evidence for Amplification of Earthquake Ground Motions in Boston & Vicinity John E. Ebel and Kathleen A. Hart Microtremor Measurements to Obtain Resonant Frequencies & Ground Shaking Amplification for Soil Sites in Boston Kristin E. Halyes, John E. Ebel, and Alfredo Urzua Terminal Surveillance of Aircraft Ground Operations Using GPS Robert S. Finkelstein Landfill […]

Volume 16, Number 1 – Spring/Summer 2001

Carrying the Torch – Editorial Ali Touran The Role & Contributions of Hydraulic Testing Labs: Part V, Current & Future Trends George E. Hecker, Albert G. Ferron, and Bruce J. Pennino Vibration Damage Claims: Ingredients for a Successful Investigation Paul L. Kelley, Steven J. DelloRusso, and Charles Russo Measures to Minimize the Effects of a […]

Volume 15, Number 2 – Fall/Winter 2000

The Leonard Zakim Bridge Brian Brenner The Role & Contributions of Hydraulic Testing Labs: Part IV, Modern Power Plant Studies George E. Hecker, Albert G. Ferron & Bruce J. Pennino Lower Merrimack River Bridges Lola Bennett & Richard Kaminski Pumping Test Program for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project in Downtown Boston Abdelmadjid M. Lahlaf, Francis D. Leathers & Iqbal […]

Volume 15, Number 1 – Spring/Summer 2000

The Role & Contributions of Hydraulic Testing Labs: Part Ill, After World War II George E. Hecker, Albert G. Ferron, and Bruce J. Pennino Use of Web Technology in Monitoring Tunnel-Induced Deformations in Railroads Jim Peterson, John Sailor, Dan J. Bobrow, Siamac Vaghar, and Robert W. Priestly Guidelines for Ride Quality Acceptance of Pavements Matthew […]

Volume 14, Number 2 – Fall/Winter 1999

The Role & Contributions of Hydraulic Testing Labs: Part II, World War I to World War II GEORGE E. HECKER, ALBERT G. FERRON & BRUCE J. PENNINO Innovative Design for Tunnel & Excavation Support for the CA/T 1-90/1-93 Interchange JAMES R. LAMBRECHTS, PAUL A. ROY & STEPHEN TAYLOR The Use of Physical Modeling to Enhance Nut Island Headworks […]

Volume 14, No. 1 – Spring / Summer 1999

The Role & Contributions of Hydraulic Testing Labs: Part I, Industrial Revolution to World War I GEORGE E. HECKER, ALBERT G. FERRON & BRUCE J. PENNINO The Role of Engineers in Creating an Environmentally Sustainable Future ANTHONY D. CORTESE Deep Foundations Integrity Testing: Techniques & Case Histories LES R. CHERNAUSKAS & SAMUEL G. PAIKOWSKY Sustainable Development Indicators […]

Volume 13, Number 2 – Fall/Winter 1998

The Hub of Engineering Brian Brenner Geotechnical Design & Construction From 1848 to 1998 S. TRENT PARKHILL {Developments in underground engineering and construction have been driven by the combination of advances in science, new materials and sources of power, and societal demands. Mass Transit in Boston: A Brief History of the Fixed Guideway Systems CLAY […]

Volume 13, Number 1 – Spring/Summer 1998

The Use of Waste & Recycled Materials in Highway Construction Wayne M. Shelburne & Don J. DeGroot Dredging Design & Hydrographic Surveying John A. DeRugeris Anticipating Global Transportation Concerns in an EverChanging Environment Richard R. John Digital Shorelines for Boston Harbor Frank T. Manheim & Andrew McIntire Partnering & Its Implementation on the Central Artery/Tunnel […]