Volume 22, Number 1 Spring/ Summer 2007

Volume 22

Issue 1

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A.S. Bradshaw, R.A. Green, and C.D.P. Baxter

Given the fact that liquefaction potential depends on specific site conditions, it is necessary to perform such evaluations for any given project subject to risk of liquefaction.

Francis E. Griggs, Jr.

Triple segmented arches supported the long spans to build this bridge over a wide turbulent river under the watchful gaze of hostile forces.

Francis E. Griggs, Jr.

Using the truss in a way unforeseen by Palladio, Timothy Palmer ushered in an age of long-span bridge building in the nation.

Brian Brenner

Are structures, such as bridges, that are designed to be sleek and “clean” destined to always remain so?

Assem Elsayed

An erratum inclusion of acknowledgements for this article originally published in Vol. 21, No. 2.

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