Volume 31, Number 1 – Summer/Fall 2023

Message from the BSCES President Michael Cunningham Message from the Editor Gautham Das Forward: MWRA Executive Director’s Perspective Frederick A. Laskey Water Resources for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Katherine Ronan Evolution of Water Treatment in the Greater Boston Area Valerie Moran, Betsy Reilley, William Sullivan and Patricia Mallett Completing the Greater Boston Metropolitan Water System […]

Volume 30, Number 1 – Summer 2022

Green Line Extension (GLX) from the Program Manager’s Perspective John Dalton The Gateway Bridge and The Complete City Street: A Merger Peeyush Rohela and Edward T. Baumann Bridge Repair Priority Ranking System Nasser Yari

Volume 29, Number 1 – Summer 2021

President’s Message — Into the Unknown Shallan Fitzgerald Message from the Editor in Chief Gautham Das Remembering Don Goldberg Patrick Sheehan and William Hadge BIM Quantity Take-offs Analysis for Accurate Estimates of Concrete Volume in Buildings Marcel Maghiar, Hameda Grabil, Avi Wiezel, Nicoleta Cobirzan Rehabilitation of the Otis Reservoir Dam: Improving Cost Effectiveness by Including […]

Volume 28, Number 1 – Fall/Winter 2020

Assessing the Impacts of Placing Tolls on Interstate Highways: An Illustrative Example on Interstate 93 in Boston Michael Plotnikov, John Collura, Song Gao, and Wayne Burleson Predrilled Holes for Pile Support of Skewed Integral Abutment Bridges Andreas Parachos and Amde Amde Using Calcium Stearate as a Modifier for Fly Ash Stabilization Gautham Das and Nakisa […]

Volume 26-27, 2011

The Geology of Boston & the Surrounding Region James Lambrecht Directing Our Gaze Toward the City Upon a Hill Patrick J. Barosh and David WoodHouse Settlement, Topography & Geologic Studies of Boston Patrick J. Barosh and David WoodHouse A review of the important studies from the last two centuries is key to understanding Boston’s complex […]

Volume 25, Number 1 Spring/ Summer 2010

Editorial – Our Infrastructure is a National Treasure Jim Lambrechts Interim Repairs of the Storrow Drive Tunnel Michael McCall Overcoming political and engineering obstacles, performing interim repairs rehabilitated a critical structure in such a manner that lays the groundwork for prolonging its useful life. The Evaluation of Chloride Contamination in Reinforced Concrete Merve Iplikcioglu, Wenjian […]

Volume 24, Number 2 – Fall/Winter 2009

Great Civil Engineering Practice, Past & Present James Lambrechts A Method for Underpinning Bridge Foundations & Its Application in the NSC Project in Pittsburgh Firooz Panah, Matt Pierce & Keith Chong Geo. S. Morison, Chemical Engineer Francis E. Griggs, Jr. Friended by a Bridge Brian Brenner Article Index – 1986 – 2010

Volume 24, Number 1 Spring/ Summer 2009

Editorial – A Look at Practice from Three Perspectives Jim Lambrechts Design & Construction Considerations for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations in North America Sanjeev Malhotra Increased need,for alternative energy sources that are cost effective and that have little impact on the environment has resulted in greater interest in offshore wind farms. Urban Stream Restoration & […]

Volume 23, Number 2 Fall/ Winter 2008

The Practice… of Civil Engineering Jim Lambrechts Construction of Underground Facilities for the Naragansett Bay Combined Sewer Overflow Program, Phase I John Kaplin and Geoffrey Hughes An ambitious project overcame a rocky start and used innovative practices to meet significant construction challenges To Zoom or Not to Zoom Jessica Rinner and Susan Pryputniewicz The use […]

Volume 23, Number 1 Spring/ Summer 2008

Editorial – A Change of Guard Ali Touran An Innovative Rehabilitation Project at the Cobble Mountain Dam Outlet Works Neill J. Hampton and James Constantino An innovative plugging system provided cost savings and reduced risk on a rehabilitationproject for a diversion tunnel high-pressure outlet works facility for a city water supply system Managing Human Error in […]